B&N Real Estate offers the following services:


  • As a professional real estate company dedicated to client satisfaction, our services cover all aspects of buying, selling or renting properties for residential, business or investment purposes.


  • B&N Real Estate also serves as a coordinator to facilitate business development and investment opportunities. To take your business project to the next level, we can help you find the right partners or investors both from Thailand and International.

Relocating, starting a new business, or putting together your dream project can be very stressful without the right assistance and advice.  With our industry expertise, personal experiences, and client empathy, we are here to help you. So if you don’t see what you are looking for here,
please contact us here to discuss your specific needs.

Thai Measurement Conversion:

1 Rai

=  1,600 Sq. m.

1 Ngan  =  400 Sq. m.
1 Sq. Wah (Talang Wah)   =  4 Sq. m.
40 Sq. Ft. =  4 Sq. m.
4,000 Sq. Ft. =  400 Sq. m.
17,222 Sq. Ft. =  1,600 Sq. m
40,000 Sq. Ft. =  1 Acre
1 Acre =  2.5 Rai (Approx.)
1 Hectare type here =  6.25 Rai (Approx.)